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Again i want to thank Roziela for helping me out on this blog. Every one who has seen this blog, you should thank Roziela for helping me. If it wasn’t for her, this site would not exist. To appreciate her, Please go to her website. her web site name is: thanks! please go on her website she would really appreciate it.

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sorry i couldnt post any secrets on december 2 and 3 but on those days i was sick. but i am here today to give out where the new Christmas Bell Pin is. go to the forest. look on the right side of the forest and u will see a bell. that is the pin. pick it up and u can enjoy your new pin! remember, coins for change is coming and if you look at the telescope at the beacon, you’ll see a smal ship! The Migrator! Rockhopper is coming back to celebrate with us! Coins For Change is coming real soon! I hope everyone particapates! Thanks everyone! Jess2232

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I hope every one has decided if they are coming to tip the Ice Berg with me! The date to come to the Ice berg is coming soon! Just let me remind you that the server is Ice Cold. I know I didn’t put the server with the rest of the date and I didn’t mean to.If you want to tip the Ice Berg make sure you go to the Ice Berg on that exact date. Remember, It is an all day long activity. I hope you all participate. Thanks alot! Jess2232

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