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Hello Penguins!

As you know, our new servers are up and we wanted to make sure nothing else was late – so we’ve decided to launch some stuff early!! Thanks again for your patience as we try to make things better. If you can’t see the change, try clearing your computer’s cache.

As of right now, a bit early, you can grab your friends and head to the Stage to check out Secrets of the Bamboo Forest!

We’re hoping to see lots of you searching the island all dressed up in the new costumes… and trying to find the Golden Feather! Once you have it, you’ll be able to get across the river in the Stage and access the Phoenix Queen’s castle. Think there might be a secret inside? Good Luck!

In Other News: There’s a new Puffle Furniture catalog in the Pet Shop! The team hopes you like all the items – and thinking that there might be lots of happy (and clean!!) puffles around the island…

Until then…Waddle on!


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Club Penguin has just released some new information about a new Elite Penguin Force game! The Nintendo DS game, Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force came out about a year ago, and many people wanted a sequel to the game, so Club Penguin decided to listen to the fans, and at this moment is making a new game; Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge. This game will include many characters from EPF, including Dot, and Herbert! We have a picture of what the game will look like! Check it out below:

Doesn’t that look really cool? It looks like a cave, like the Mine, and it looks like a secret EPF room in this Cave! I really can’t wait until the game comes out, because we will have all the guides for it right here! When does it come out you ask? The only details that CP gave us are that the game will be out in mid- 2010. Once this game comes out, will you get it? Tell us in a comment!

– Eunes,

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Have you noticed that Club Penguin has a few boxes around the island .Well they are for the Puffle Party that will arrive next week. Here are a some rooms where boxes are found:

1.The Ice Berg:

2.The Lighthouse:

3.The Beacon:

4.The Mine:

6.The Dance Club:

7.The Forest:

8.The Pool Room has a box for the Puffle Party,but there is not any water in the pool!

All boxes for decorations have 3 balloons with 3 colours(red,blue and yellow). What kind of decorations do you think ,there will be in the Puffle Party?

Do you think the Pool Room has something to do with the Cave Expedition or a big surprise for us?

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Hey guys! The new play has come out and the Puffle Party is coming soon! And speaking of the new play, you need the golden feather to get the surprise at the phoenix Quenn’s palace. When you get there, you will find a backround. But first you must find the feather. The Feather is at the Lighthouse Beacon. You’ll find it. And also there have been boxes around clubpenguin everywhere! There is even one at the underground pool and there is no water in the pool anymore! Tell what you think are in these boxes. I bet you have some good ideas!

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There is a new Speaker Pin. It is in the Puffle Shop right above the brown puffle house. You cant miss it!

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